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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

One Day Treatment

The One Day Treatment Dental Care In Beirut Lebanon: ISO certified

Get it done in a day!


Ferrari dental clinics feature the latest in laser, dental implants, digital and CAD/CAM technology.

This one-day dentistry not only saves plenty of time for the practice, but it's a huge draw for patients. Not only is the patient in and out of the practice in one visit without having to find time to return to complete the case, but they're also not going home with a temporary restoration that may not look, feel or function properly while they're waiting for the final restoration to be seated.

one-day-treatmentOur main advantage is that we do all the surgery by Laser- waterlase Md turbo (Er,Cr:YSGG) and LaserSmile (diode laser)

This allows, fast, safe and one-day procedures. You will not feel any edema, no pain, no sound; the laser 'heals' or repairs the site as it cuts, bypassing the inflammatory process, allowing quicker healing and less discomfort.

Second, restorations are created by CAD-CAM technologies

one-day-treatmentOur patients will have the privilege to complete their restorations within a single visit, being able to limit time spent at the dental office, avoiding the inconvenience of temporary restorations, and enjoying the benefits of the highly aesthetic and long lasting restorations.


CEREC Bluecam 3D camera, Ferrari Dental Clinic - Beirut Lebanon

one-day-treatmentIt is a revolutionary system that enables us to design, fabricate and fit a new crown, veneer, onlay or inlay in a single visit, a procedure that would normally take at least two weeks, if not more!

Finally, at Ferrari dental clinics, you will benefit from the most advanced technology in dental implants.

The Ferrari Technology Dental implant, is a new, highly aesthetic system and it's a lifetime warranty.

This technology, will allow implants to be loaded immediately after placement. Popularly known as Same Day Implants or Immediate Load Implants the procedures and tooth replacement components enjoy a strong record of success and long term endurance.

The surgical procedure will be vastly improved by the use of our laser. The laser is used to create a socket in the tissue so that the implant post can be placed and bone tissue can grow in to surround the new implant. Additionally, the laser sterilizes the area, ensuring the best possible implant process and the best chance for success in an implant surgery procedure. The laser will also be used to seal the implant after it is placed in the jawbone.

Our patients can have an extraction of any existing tooth structure, placement of the implant device and a fitting for a temporary crown.... all in one sitting!

Full mouth implantation and immediate temporisation for a 40 years old patient: One Day Surgery


Patient benefit is remarkable:

  • Osseointegration begins immediately
  • Less trauma
  • Reduced overall treatment time
  • No long wait for the bone to heal before placing the implant
  • No missing teeth in the mouth
  • The tooth looks natural while the implant is healing
  • Decreased patient's anxiety and discomfort
  • There is no bone resorption since an implant is placed

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